A contemporary Perseus and Medusa reimagining in which a planetarium owner unravels as he forges an earthbound relation with his stargazing companion. Beta Persei follows Gene Withersby, a delusional planetarium owner, into the downward spiral of endless space. Following the death of his siren mother, Gene hires Kitty, a radiant escort, as his stargazing companion. She can be the solution to filling the void in his life and the stars seem to align as their relationship progresses. But Gene still seeks solace in space and dreams of mythology, creating his own warped interpretations of Perseus slaying Medusa and rescuing Andromeda. Increasingly haunted by vivid memories of his mother, he further blends reality, myth and dream. The planetarium programs become more macabre, taking Gene and Kitty into the Andromeda Galaxy and toward Beta Persei, the demon star.